Why we chooseTurkey for Hair Transplant?

Why we chooseTurkey for Hair Transplant?

Hair transplantation has recently gained widespread popularity and has become one of the most cosmetic surgeries performed worldwide in general and in Turkey in particular. Hair transplantation is now more available and safer as hair transplantation is performed by many techniques and every modern technique makes hair transplantation available to more people.

Perhaps Turkey is one of the most important countries that emerged in the field of hair transplant and treatment of baldness where Turkey has become the main and intuitive destination for any patient in the Middle East wishing to perform hair transplantation even not only in the Middle East, but also hair transplantation in Turkey is gaining a good reputation in countries such as Canada and some EU countries.

But the question here is why all this turnout and rush to hair transplantation in Turkey without any other place? Is the reason why Turkey is famous in hair transplantation is only the cost or there are other reasons?

In this article we will show you the most important reasons that made Turkey a pioneer in the field of hair transplantation:


1- Standards of the Turkish Ministry of Health:

The Turkish Ministry of Health does not grant permission to carry out hair transplantation and other cosmetic and medical operations unless it is subject to strict standards and specific conditions. This leaves no room for amateur and non-specialist. There are, however, some fraudsters working outside the law to profit illegally therefore, we recommend that anyone who wants to perform hair transplantation, whether in Turkey or elsewhere, verify the credibility of the center and the doctor who will carry out the operation.

We at Esthcare work transparently as we provide all the information about our medical team and his work style on our website so that we do not leave the patient in confusion and ensure that he deals with us with the utmost comfort and tranquility.


2- modern technologies at affordable prices:

Turkey has been remarkably able to combine the affordable price with modern technology as well as being a great tourist destination. Thanks to this, the therapeutic journey of the patient has become a unique experience at all levels, on the one hand, the opportunity for treatment and on the other hand the opportunity for rest and relaxation.

Although the costs of hair transplantation in Turkey are lower than in some other neighboring countries, this has not affected the quality of treatment. Due to intense competition, any center that provides unsatisfactory services to the patient becomes obsolete and loses its reputation in the medical community.

3- Many options allow you to get the most appropriate:

Due to the boom and spread of hair transplantation in Turkey, the patient is faced with many options where he has the freedom to choose the city he prefers and discuss with the doctor in choosing the most appropriate technique for his condition. So, this remarkable diversity in Turkey did not allow the patient to adhere to one type of hair transplantation or adhere to a specific city for the operation.

In general, most people prefer to go to Istanbul to perform hair transplantation because it is the most developed city in terms of medical surgery and cosmetic surgery in particular. In addition, Istanbul is a unique tourist destination and offers the patient plenty of places to stay during the treatment.


It is undeniable that Turkey is a leading country in the field of hair transplantation and that the techniques available in Turkey are difficult to find in another country at an appropriate price. So if you are going to get rid of baldness and do hair transplantation, Turkey is your way.




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