The main principles of hair transplantation

Hair restoration is one of the most popular aesthetic procedures. Modern techniques trace back to 1950’s when doctors discovered that transplanted hairs survive on the recipient areas just as well as they would have on the donor site. Over the next 30 years, the procedure yielded only minimal results and did not produce aesthetically acceptable outcomes. This has all changed with the introduction of the now obsolete FUT, and recently the Follicular Unit Extraction. Patients, who choose hair transplantation in Turkey now benefit from more than 60 years of innovation, meaning natural-looking results and unprecedented recovery times.

How Advanced FUE Works

The newest hair transplantation method, Advanced Follicular Unit Extraction, involves extracting hair grafts from the donor zones and re-planting these grafts on the recipient sites. Donor zones, located at the back and the sides of the head, are areas usually unaffected by baldness. Hairs harvested from these areas will continue to be unaffected by baldness even when transplanted into other zones. That is why transplanted hair will remain in the recipient zones and continue to grow, even if baldness progresses.

Use of Choi Implanter Pen

All transplants are performed using the latest in hair transplantation technology, including the use of a Choi Implanter Pen. This new tool significantly improves the implantation part of the procedure by eliminating the need for channel incisions for donor grafts. The Implanter Pen can “inject” the grafts directly into the skin. Using the tool, we can greatly reduce blood-loss and trauma during the transplant and create even more natural-looking results!

Advantages of Advanced FUE Hair Transplants

FUE is usually compared to the now obsolete FUT method. Here are some of the core advantages of Advanced FUE:

Minimally Invasive

During Follicular Unit Extraction, a surgeon uses specialized instruments to extracts follicular grafts from the back of the head. Resulting wounds have a diameter of just 0.6 to 0.8 millimeters. This is compared to large patches of skin, which were removed during the previous-generation FUT transplants, and the resulting 4-5 centimeters of scars at the back of the head.

Excellent Results

During a single session, our specialists can transplant up to 3500 follicular grafts. This is a large quantity, corresponding to about 5000-7000 hairs (a graft can contain 1-4 hairs). A single Advanced FUE procedure can, therefore, have superb results, even for patients with severe balding. And thanks to our unique graft preservation technique, get FUE patients also benefit from the exceptionally high graft survival rate.

Quick Recovery

Due to the extremely small size of the incisions on the scalp, FUE guarantees greatly improved recovery rates. Already within 10-14 days, most patients exhibit no negative effects of surgery. Coupled with PRP Stem Cell Therapy, recovery times can be reduced even further, while improving the overall results.


Maintaining a sterile environment in the operating room is very expensive, so many clinics forego this crucial step. Below standard operating environment significantly increases the risk of infection during hair transplantation. GetFUE is part of a certified full-service hospital. All invasive medical procedures, including FUE procedures, are performed in highly sterile operating rooms. The hospital’s accreditation is dependent on this factor, among others.
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If you are not suitable for hair transplantation if you are too young to do the operation, if you are not likely to get successful results or if you have risks specific to your situation!

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