Treatment of hair loss and baldness using plasma injection

Treatment of hair loss and baldness using plasma injection

Hair is the crown of head and essential beauty for men and women. The loss of hair gradually affects adversely the appearance of the human and weaken the self-confidence, prompting the patient to expedite the search for appropriate treatment and may try many recipes and lotions without any benefit. Therefore, at Esthcare clinic we assure that hair loss and baldness are diseases like other diseases that need medical examination and diagnosis of the situation by a specialist doctor and then give appropriate treatment for the patient.

One of the known methods in the medical community that is used to treat hair loss and baldness is plasma injection….

But what is plasma here?

Blood is composed of red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. In addition, there is a so-called blood plasma, a transparent liquid that tends to yellow and is very important for transferring water, salts, nutrients and hormones to cells of the body.

Plasma has been used previously in many medical fields in the treatment of bone and heart, and has been used in the field of cosmetic medicine only about thirty years ago.

How do plasma injections help to treat hair loss and baldness?

In fact, it cannot be said that plasma is the ultimate treatment for hair loss and baldness, but it can be considered an effective treatment that greatly improves the hair and can stop the process of hair loss and treat baldness in certain cases estimated by the doctor. Knowing that the effectiveness of plasma injections increase as the patient’s condition is detected early and the area where the baldness is extended is smaller.

The plasma injection effectiveness increases as the patient’s condition is detected early and the area where the baldness is extended is smaller which makes the scalp strong and healthy and has the ability to germinate new hair and nourishment healthy nutrition, in addition to the plasma contribute to the inhibition of hair loss hormone.

Plasma is an effective and safe treatment because it is taken from the person’s own blood, including proteins, tissue enzymes and nutrients.

Treatment using plasma injection is performed at the Esthcare clinic within an hour. You can then go back to your normal life but have to wait for 10 hours before washing the head and prefer not to drink any alcoholic beverages at the night of injecting.

When should not plasma injection be used to treat hair loss?

1- in case of lack of platelets in the patient.

2- Irregular diabetes.

3- Hepatitis patients.

4- With chronic heart diseases.

Are plasma injections a substitute for hair transplantation?

No, plasma injection cannot be considered as an alternative to hair transplantation, as both are applied or treated in specific cases determined by the doctor but sometimes the donor area can be injected with plasma injections before hair transplantation to strengthen it and make it ready for the process.

In conclusion we can say:

  • Hair is a blessing that we must maintain by correcting the diseases that afflict it and speeding up to consult our doctor if there are any noticeable problems.
  • Plasma injection is a well-known method in the medical community and is useful in some cases of hair loss and baldness.
  • Plasma is an important part of human blood and has an important role in the transfer of nutrients to cells and has recently been used in the field of cosmetic medicine.
  • Plasma injection is useful in strengthening the scalp and inhibition of the hormone that causes hair loss and is considered safe and effective treatment because it is the blood of the person himself.
  • There are specific cases that should be kept away from the application of plasma injections, anyway the final decision is to the doctor.
  • Plasma injection is not an alternative to hair transplantation but is sometimes a supportive process to ensure excellent results.

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