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technique for hair transplantation There is no doubt that the level of scientific development we have come to put us in front of a huge product of different medical technologies, including what is safe and reliable, and what is not.

This is also true in the field of hair transplantation, where prosperity and progress in this field have had a significant impact on the variety, cost and effectiveness of the techniques used.

But does this statement make hair transplant a complicated process and it is difficult to choose the most appropriate method?

In fact, it is never a problem in the case of a competent specialist who is able to assess the patient’s condition.

What are the best hair transplant techniques in Turkey?

One of the most current top-level technologies in this field is FUE technology, which can be described as a process of minimal surgical If you fear the appearance of scars and look for an operation that ensures you a quick recovery and a return to normal life, you are on the right track.

When talking about the best hair transplant techniques, we cannot forget the distinctive DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) technology that we can consider to be a modification and development of the FUE technique, where a very small slice of the donor area is taken by a device called a Choi implanter and planted directly in the receiving area. This technique is the latest in the field of cosmetic medicine and cosmetic surgery, and some have considered it an alternative technique for surgery where surgical scalpel is not used. The DHI technique for hair transplantation has solved the problem of baldness for many who cannot be treated with conventional surgical methods.

What are the disadvantages of DHI technique or Choi implanter pens?

Medically, this technique does not have any defects, but it is a delicate process and needs to be professional so It must be done by a qualified doctor. therefore, mistakes are possible in the use of Choi implanter pens, which can be avoided and greatly reduced when choosing a good doctor.

There are some important points that the patient should know before the operation:

1- It takes longer than normal techniques due to the extreme precision and effort required of the medical team so it is less effective if the bald areas are a bit larger.

2- Effective and successful in cases of thick and soft hair and not suitable for curly hair to avoid the breaking of Hair follicles during implanting operation.

3- The length of the operation requires injecting the local anesthetic more often.

Features of DHI hair transplant technique:

1- Suitable for women as it does not require haircuts.

2- A short recovery period and no need for a hard care system after the operation.

3- The scalpel is not used and bleeding does not occur, so It is suitable for diabetics and those who suffering from blood fluidity.

4- Does not leave any scars in the donor or receiving area.

5- The hair follicles maintain their strength and are not subject to shock because there is no time separating the picking and implanting of the follicles as a result, the new hair is identical to natural hair.

Conclusion We can say that:

  • Scientific progress put many options ahead of us, but there is no need to worry and be confused when dealing with a good doctor who helps his patients to choose the best way.
  • In general, FUE (Follicular unit extraction) technology is one of the best and safest techniques that occur with minimal surgical intervention.
  • FUE technology was developed and a tool called Choi implanter pens has been used to help direct transmission of hair follicles.
  • The advanced DHI technology has solved many problems and opened the door for some patients who are not suited to conventional surgery.
  • DHI technology requires extreme accuracy and medical expertise to avoid errors that may occur.
  • DHI has many advantages and some negative points are not considered medical defects.
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