The best hair transplant center in Turkey

The best hair transplant center in Turkey

One of the most important questions in the mind of anyone who wants to perform the process of hair transplant is: What is the suitable country for hair transplantation? How do I choose the best hair transplant center?

Because we realize that hair transplantation is an important operation no less important than other medical operations. In contrast to what many believe, plastic surgery is not only a luxury for the wealthy, but some plastic surgery, such as hair transplantation, is essential to treat a pressing problem for many people. As hair transplantation and baldness treatment is important, it will restore the person’s natural appearance and assure his self-confidence at Esthcare we have put some tips on getting the best hair transplant in general and within Turkey in particular.

How do I choose the best country for hair transplantation?

In fact, the process of hair transplantation is a delicate process in which the experience of the doctor and the modernity of techniques have a large role. But getting a hair transplant using modern techniques by a good doctor is expensive and the high prices in some countries may be an obstacle to a patient’s way of treating baldness. Here Turkey stands out as a pioneer country in the field of hair transplantation, giving patients hope to have a professional operation by a good doctor at affordable costs for middle-income people. Some may wonder why these remarkable features are available in Turkey. The reason is that hair transplantation in Turkey has become widespread and has resulted in severe competition, this competition does not not give an opportunity for monopoly and everyone is forced to provide acceptable prices. Another reason is that the Turkish Ministry of Health has strict standards for licensing any medical work, which has closed the way for amateurs and non-specialists. But there are some fraudsters who can easily be detected because they often do not have a license or a respected medical staff.

How do I choose the best hair transplant center in Turkey?

There are several factors to help you in the selection, including:

1- Offering a suitable hair transplant technique for your condition, some patients do not fit for surgery and some want to use hair transplant techniques that do not require much surgical intervention. Therefore, the center should provide the appropriate technique for the patient in particular. This is the principle of our work at the Esthcare Clinic where we treat each patient as a special case requiring special attention.

2- Provision of accommodation, transport and translation services: When you travel to another country for the purpose of doing a surgery or undergoing treatment, you will inevitably need help with transportation, accommodation and translation. Certainly, no one wants to be involved in these secondary matters and is about to undergo a surgery or a therapeutic procedure. Therefore, we at Esthcare center ensure that all these services are provided to our patients throughout their medical journey.

3- Provide patient care before and after surgery: Hair transplantation is an operation that needs attention and follow up by both the doctor and the patient so you should choose a center that follows you up to the end. Just as medical care and diagnosis is important before and during the operation, the doctor’s advice, follow-up and guidance are important after the operation as well.


  • Hair transplantation is a radical solution to eliminating the problem of baldness that is causing anxiety to many people.
  • The process of hair transplant is not a luxury, but an urgent need for most who suffer from baldness and hair loss.
  • Turkey is the leading country in the field of hair transplant and even choose the best place to carry out the operation. There are several factors that you should make sure of availability.




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