Two main techniques in hair transplantation

The process of hair transplant is a cosmetic surgery performed under the influence of local anesthesia, this process is done by using different techniques; whereas Hair transplantation is a rearrangement of hair growth by taking part of the hair and skin on the tips of the scalp and back and moving it to different areas of the head.

The doctor can choose between two main techniques in hair transplantation:

1- FUE technique (Follicular unit extraction):

It’s a hair transplant technique with minimal surgical intervention. The hair follicles are picked individually from the scalp or other parts of the body that have high hair density and the nature of the hair is similar to the nature of the head hair. It is implanted individually in the light-haired area, making the process take a fairly long period of time, but it ensures that the patient’s hair grows in the same natural shape. This technique is characterized by the fact that it does not leave a scar effect, such as chip technology, but is relatively expensive.

The advantages of this technique are summarized in four points:

1 – No scarring.

2 – The donor area often appears unchanged.

3 – The fastest time for recovery – little disruption or no disruption of work (most patients return to work the next       day).

4 – A modern technique for hair restoration with minimal surgery.

2- FUT technique (Follicular unit transplantation):

The basic idea, is to take a slice about 15-25 cm from the donor area of the same person’s body and often from the back of the scalp where the hair is thick (This area will later be covered by hair) Then the surgeon divides the removed scalp slice into about 500 – 2000 small pieces, and then implants them in different areas so that each piece has a small number of hair, this hair depends on the type, color, quality and size of the area where the cultivation will take place. One of the advantages of this technology is that its cost is lower than other natural hair transplantation techniques, but the defect is that it leaves a permanent scar effect on the donor area where the slide is taken, but it is often not visible due to heavy hair.

What are the risks or side effects of this technique?

In fact, any surgical procedure involving a small percentage of risk and hair transplantation is no exception.

This is a very successful and safe process if a qualified and experienced doctor is chosen but in any case, It is difficult to predict the success rate of the operation for each individual patient because the way our bodies respond varies. However, in general, most people respond to inoculums very well, taking into account the occurrence of side effects and minor complications can be remedied by the presence of a competent doctor without any fear of an impact on the final outcome.

So, we can still have a safe hair transplant and enjoy a good look without fear as long as we make better choices.

The side effects and risks are summarized as follows:

1 – there are clear scars in the donor area when sutured inexperienced (the effects of the process and suturing should disappear within 6 months). find  Our Surgery Results

2 – loss of sensation in the surgical areas of the scalp will disappear within 3 days after surgery.

3 – loss of hair density in the donor area when increasing its size.

4 – Swelling, redness and itching will disappear within a few days.

Artificial hair transplantation:

It is called Biofiber technology, in which the doctor inculcates artificial hairs in the scalp, and these hairs are made of synthetic fibers are not harmful to the skin and accepted by the scalp well. The doctor uses this technique with people with full head baldness, meaning they do not have a donor area where some hair can be taken and replanted.

In summary, the level of cosmetic medicine we have reached at this time makes hair transplantation of various types safe, available and almost guaranteed. We can say that the problem of baldness and hair loss has been successfully overcome.


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