Success factors for hair transplantation

Success factors for hair transplantation

When you decide to get rid of baldness and think about using a hair transplant, you will definitely look for a good and experienced center as well as a competent doctor you can rely on. However, you cannot stop thinking about how to get a successful hair transplant and how to ensure good and acceptable results. You may have some questions such as: Am I really about to get rid of baldness? Will my hair transplant results be as I expect and want?

So as not to remain in the patient’s mind questions cause him to be puzzled, in this article, we put the most important factors that ensure the patient to have a successful hair transplant:

1- Choosing a good doctor: There is no doubt that in any medical procedure, the first thing to think about is to have a competent doctor to carry out the surgery. In the field of hair transplant, the doctor’s experience plays a significant role where the doctor becomes more capable of dealing with different types of cases and more able to predict the final results by increasing the number of operations carried out and increase the number of patients dealing with them and increase the work experience. (At Esthcare, we provide an excellent and experienced medical team to our patients and because of our confidence in our medical team, we guarantee for patients a successful operation or refund)

2- Choosing the right technique: Choosing the appropriate hair transplant technique that is appropriate for the patient is the key to the success of the operation and is done by consulting a specialist doctor. But techniques like extraction technique (FUE) are known to be suitable for most people. There are other techniques suitable for those who cannot perform surgery (without surgical intervention) such as DHI technique.

3- One of the success factors of hair transplantation is to perform the necessary medical tests before starting the surgery to make sure that there are no diseases or any other factors that prevent the surgery or impede its success.

4- Donor Zone: The donor area should be available and preferably in good condition as it is the basic principle in hair transplantation. The recognition of the readiness of the donor area is the responsibility of the doctor.

5- Achieve a balance between the density of the donor area and the size of the baldness area in the head so that the process does not result in bald spots in the donor area.

6- Choosing the follicles that will be extracted accurately.

7- High accuracy in determining the natural hair line, and this is done in cooperation between the doctor and patient because determining the hair line naturally and correctly will create the final and continuous shape in the future.

8- Hair is transplanted in three main stages. The second phase, the opening of the channels, requires extreme accuracy and is one of the most important factors affecting the final results of hair transplantation.

9- Follow the doctor’s instructions after the operation: After the end of the hair transplant, the doctor will prescribe the patient some medications and give him some strict instructions to be committed during the first week of the process, which is the most critical stage, at this stage, a person must pay great attention to his or her health and must be patient for at least five days and refrain from smoking and other harmful factors.

In the end, hair transplantation is an uncomplicated operation and the rate of success is very high so the patient should not worry about anything as long as he chose the right doctor and the right medical center.

In Esthcare center we give great importance to our patients as we treat each patient as a special condition that requires full attention and care. So, if you still suffer from confusion and hesitation in choosing the right place to doing hair transplantation, we invite you to connect with us and to see our medical staff and the techniques we offer through our website and then the choice for you to get the best as you see.




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