Stages of hair growth after the process of transplantation

Stages of hair growth after the process of transplantation

There is no doubt that most of those who perform hair transplantation are very excited and hasty to watch the results of the operation Where they monitor their hair daily. Sometimes they lose their patience and become obsessive, starting to wonder whether the operation worked or not? Is this really the end of the baldness that they suffered because of it enough?

So as not to put the patient in this confusion we will show you the schedule of the natural hair transplantation process:

First: General Tips:

1- Do not let anything distract you from taking medicines on time and follow your doctor’s instructions, especially in the early days after surgery.

2- You should keep in mind that good results need patience and calmness.

3- Do not expose yourself to excessive anxiety. This may negatively affect your health.

Second: Timetable:

The first few days after the surgery:

This is the most critical period and requires attention and care by the patient where the patient suffers from some swelling that appears in the front area and in the area of the back of the head where the location of the donor area. There may also be some redness in the area of the scalp in the slots of the simple cracks to remove the follicles during the extraction. After the first five days, the effects of the surgery are largely eliminated and the weakness of the scalp resulting from the surgery is removed. The patient must continue washing the hair regularly for three times a day during this period. Most of the symptoms associated with the surgery are usually related to this period. But in any case, the doctor will prescribe some medications that relieve most of the side effects and give the patient some strict instructions that must be adhered to.

After the first week of hair transplantation:

At this stage, the patient often does not suffer from any type of swelling or redness in the scalp because it has faded and gradually lost its effect. The crust, which is the upper layer of the scalp, begins to dry and fall naturally. It is recommended to wash the head periodically and gently rub the scalp with the fingers without scratching. By the tenth day, the crust has been removed and the hair is shown in the form of a small shaved hair. Note that the presence of crust in this period is positive indicates that the scalp deals with hair implanted well.

After two weeks to three weeks of hair transplantation:

It is very natural that the hair begins to fall in this period and this indicates that hair follicles are stable and functioning properly as implanted hair loss is not indicative of any defect in the surgery but it is an indication that the implanted hair begins a new cycle. The hair that will then grow is the one that will stabilize and continue to give new hair in the future.

After a month of hair transplantation:

Hair follicles enter the stage of complete relaxation so that the hair can then germinate the new and fixed hair may be relatively long but it varies from person to person, often the patient appears at this stage as if he is the same body as before hair transplantation but with the difference that the follicles at this stage prepare to produce strong hair that will continue to show the results of the surgery. At this stage the patient can treat his hair and head naturally just as before.

  • After about three months of hair transplantation, the new hair begins to grow gradually and may appear weak at first because it tries to break out of the scalp in the implanted area. (Some people start their hair growing in a short period while others need longer time and this due to the nature of the patient’s own body)
  • After that the hair continues to grow more and more gradually and becomes more intense and strength and the situation begins to return to normal and here we say to the patient is the time to bid farewell to baldness.
  • After one year of hair transplant, the patient has achieved 80% of the desired results and will gradually increase to 100%.



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