Questions should be discussed before hair transplantation

Questions should be discussed before hair transplantation

Is your condition suitable for hair transplantation?

Is hair transplant suitable for all without exception?

Causes of hair loss and baldness are varied and different, and of course each has a specific treatment and special warnings. Hair loss and baldness may be caused by genetic factors, psychological factors (psychological shock), or skin or immune diseases, also due to certain treatments or side effect for some medicine, excessive diets may also cause hair loss.

Without going into the details of diseases and genetic factors we can say that hair transplantation is suitable for those who did not have hair loss due to the presence of disease or acute deficiency in one of the basic substances in the body. For example, a hair transplant cannot be performed for a patient if the cause of his hair loss is acute anemia, because without treatment for the cause of hair loss, the implanted hair will also return to the fall.

Hair implants are also unsuitable for children and adolescents because their scalp shape has not yet stabilized.

Hair transplantation can be performed for those who have had hair loss as a result of accidents or injuries but this type of operation has certain considerations.

The presence of a factor that prevents hair transplant does not mean that there is no hope of restoring hair but means that the hair can be restored by implanting or perhaps naturally after the treatment of hair loss factor.

We at Esthcare Clinic do not perform hair transplantation until after conducting the necessary analysis and tests and ensuring 100% of the patient’s validity for this operation.

In short, the process of hair transplant is suitable and safe for most adults who suffer from baldness or lack of hair density and cases that are not suitable for hair transplant are exceptions only.

What are your goals of hair transplantation?

People resort to hair transplantation for a variety of reasons including restoring the appearance of youth after age, restoring the shape of natural hair after hair loss or lack of density, filling the blanks or scars that emerged as a result of injury or accident.

Whatever the cause you want to grow hair for, you should disclose it to your doctor and explain your expectations and the results you are looking for. on this basis, you agree on the best technology for hair transplant and the most appropriate way to carry out the surgery.

You do not have to compare yourself to your friend who did the hair transplant or the pictures you see on the Internet, these images can help you know how successful the center is in hair transplantation in general, but you must realize that each patient is a special case in itself. This is the principle of our work at Esthcare, where we consider each patient to be a special case requiring appropriate medical care for his specific condition.

Are the results of hair transplant effective for lifelong?

The area where the follicles are extracted, called the donor area, is the most resistant to baldness factors and hair loss problems. Therefore, when implanting the bulbs extracted from this strong region in the receiving areas, we get strong hair resistant to baldness and hair loss. This hair often continues with the patient for the rest of his life.


  • Hair transplantation is suitable and safe for most adults with baldness, but there are special cases that are not suitable for hair transplantation and the decision should be taken by the specialist doctor.
  • It is important to tell your doctor about the appearance you want to have in order to be able to choose the technology that best suits your expectations.
  • Hair transplantation is a cosmetic surgery with a high medical success rate. The implanted hair often lasts for all lifetime.

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