questions about hair transplantation

questions about hair transplantation When you decide to get rid of the problem of baldness and get a new attractive appearance that brings back to you the youthful brilliance, the best thing to do is hair transplantation.

If you think the best place to do this process in terms of cost and professionalism is Turkey you are in the right way …! The intensive competition in the field of hair transplantation in Turkey did not leave the field of doctors below the standard but this does not mean that there are not some fraudsters who might exploit this to illegally reap money. For this reason, the right choice for the center where the operation will take place and the knowledge of the doctor who will carry out the operation has the most important role in obtaining satisfactory results.

Some questions may come to mind, such as:

What is the best place to transplant hair in Turkey?

Who is the best doctor doing this task?

How do I get a good hair transplant at a reasonable cost?

What is the best technique for hair transplantation?

How can I ensure that I choose the best center?

  • At Esthcare Center do not let our patients suffer from this dilemma. We offer a distinguished medical team that makes the patient decide his choice. He is headed by Dr. Aslan Ayaz, a graduate of Istanbul University, which is one of the best universities in Turkey, Dr. Ayaz has a long history in the field of cosmetic medicine in particular and has achieved high ranks at the level of Turkey in this field. If we talk about the history of this doctor and his achievements extensively this article is not enough but in any case, you can find more information about this doctor and the rest of our medical team by visiting our site.


  • At Esthcare, each patient is a very special condition and requires full follow-up and accuracy. We have a team of hair transplant consultants, which ensures that our patients follow up perfectly before and after the operation. Our contact with patients does not end as soon as they board the plane and return to their country, the team of consultants will continuously follow the development of the situation and provide doctors advice and reassurance that the whole process and the recovery period has been completed successfully.


One of the most important things that the patient thinks before he makes his therapeutic trip is the costs of travel, accommodation and transportation in the country he wants to go to. In fact, we know at the center of esthcare that the patient’s comfort is just as important as the basics of treatment.

Therefore, we have ensured our patient the following:

1- Travel Tickets: We guarantee the choice of the right flight and the ticket of the best price for our patients.

2- All internal transfers and reception from the airport.

3 – Accommodation in the best hotels in the center of Istanbul: We guarantee you the choice of the most appropriate hotel.

4- Communicate with the medical team and choose your treatment program.

5- Provide translation services: Do not worry about going to a country where you do not know its language. We are there for you.


  • Hair transplantation is the best solution to eliminate the problem of baldness and return to the appearance of youth.
  • Turkey is a leader in this field and the strong competition to offer the best prices and services gives many options to the patient.
  • At Esthcare, we do not pretend that we are the best at all to win customers because we do not consider it a trade, but we offer you our distinguished medical team and our services to our patients and then let you take the choice.

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