Esthcare Clinic

5100 Grafts


Patient’s Age:  42

Country: United Arab Emirates

Norwood Scale:  6

Total transplanted area: 191 cm2

Transplanted area density: 48 f/cm2

Extraction method: NeoGraft Micro FUE extractor

Operation Details

5100 Grafts were extracted using NeoGraft Micro FUE extractor

* 1100 grafts single

* 1300 grafts double

* 1650 grafts triple

* 1050 grafts multiple


Incisions done by: custom made blades with perkutan method, lateral slit according to the size of the grafts and the extraction punch.

GRAFTS DISTRIBUTION: 5100 grafts were used to restore the patient’s FRONTAL Hairline, dense the  MIDLINE area and cover the vortex (Crown) area.

Before Operation


Two Days Post Operation


Ten Days Post Operation

3 a

Two Months Post Operation

3 b

Three Months Post Operation


Six Months Post Operation

5 a

Six Months Post Operation

5 b

Eight Months Post Operation

5 c

One Year Post Operation

6 a

One Year Post Operation

6 b