Esthcare Clinic

4850 Grafts


Patient’s Age:  38

Country: Malta

Norwood Scale:  4

Total transplanted area: 151 cm2

Transplanted area density: 49 f/cm2

Extraction method: NeoGraft Micro FUE extractor

Operation Details

4850 Grafts were extracted using NeoGraft Micro FUE extractor

* 1200 grafts single

* 1300 grafts double

* 1050 grafts triple

* 1300 grafts multiple


Incisions done by: custom made blades with perkutan method, lateral slit according to the size of the grafts and the extraction punch.

GRAFTS DISTRIBUTION: 4850 grafts were used to restore the patient’s FRONTAL Hairline, dense the  MIDLINE area and cover the vortex (Crown) area.

Before Operation

Before Operation


Two Days Post Operation


Six Months Post Operation


One Year Post Operation


One Year Post Operation