Perform hair transplantation for white hair

Perform hair transplantation for white hair

The appearance of white hair is worrisome to many as people see it as the beginning of an aging phase that no one wants to reach quickly. However, white hair is not a serious problem because it can be overcome simply by dyeing hair and restoring natural color.

But what if white hair is associated with hair loss?

Here’s the problem, no one wants to get a bald head with a few white hairs!

If hair transplantation is the solution to baldness and hair dye is the solution to white hair, if the person suffers from both things at the same time (the fall of ten and the presence of white hair) Is this really worrying and is it possible to implant white hair and then dye?

In this article we will answer all these questions:

First, we have to explain why the white hair appears:

In the body there is a substance called melanin pigment, melanin is the thing that gives hair and skin color, Where the hair acquires its distinctive color according to the percentage of melanin pigment in it. With age, the rate of melanin starts to gradually decrease and hair gradually loses color until it reaches white.

  • Genetic factors also play a role in the appearance of white hair at a young age.
  • Some harmful habits such as smoking and drinking alcohol can accelerate the appearance of white hair.

What are the differences between white hair and normal hair:

There is no significant or substantial difference between normal hair and white hair, where they have the same nature and composition, and the only point of difference lies in the color, production and quantity of melanin.

The appearance of white hair can be accompanied by a condition of hair dryness and fall due to the lack of natural oils that are secreted. This problem can be treated using hair moisturizers on the scalp, preferably after consultation with the doctor.

The increased possibility of hair loss and baldness after the spread of white hair in the head prompts us to ask the following question:


Is it possible to transplant white hair?

In fact, there is no impediment to hair transplant if there is white hair, Due to the absence of any significant difference in hair structure and nature after graying, the hair transplantation process can be applied to white hair without any additional conditions or complications.

If the patient has the conditions of the normal hair transplant process, he can make the process of hair transplant anyway if it is white or natural.

(Esthcare has modern hair transplant techniques suitable for those whose age and health status do not allow surgery)

Can a patient dye his hair after a hair transplant?

After a specific period of hair transplantation (usually 3 weeks), the patient can dye and comb hair and treat hair implanted like normal hair.

  • Implanted hair dyeing after a short period of time may cause negative results and complications. It is best to follow your doctor’s instructions and the time limit he has set for you before doing anything.


  • White hair often appears as a result of aging, and white hair can appear for genetic or pathological reasons as well.
  • There is no significant difference between white hair and natural hair except in terms of color.
  • There is no problem in the procedure of hair transplantation of white hair and apply the same conditions that apply to natural hair.
  • Hair can be dyed after the surgery at the time prescribed by your doctor.


Hair transplantation using FUE (Follicular unit extraction) Technique


Is hair transplantation the right choice?!




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