Is hair transplantation the right choice?!

Is hair transplantation the right choice?!

Hair transplantation is a cosmetic surgery that has gained widespread fame in many countries, especially Turkey, Where the field of hair transplantation in Turkey has become widely popular due to the modern technologies that are used and the appropriate prices. The popularity of the field of hair transplantation is caused by the possibility of obtaining satisfactory results in relatively short periods. If we compare two patients, one of whom came to hair transplant and the other insisted on the use of chemical treatments and different preparations, we will find the big difference in the result obtained by both. And the biggest difference in cost was paid between who insisted on using chemical treatments for years and the other who performed one hair transplant…….

Certainly, the result of both comparisons confirms that the best option is preferred to do hair transplantation.

But does hair transplant deserve all the fame it has earned?

What is the ultimate solution for baldness and hair loss?

In fact, hair transplantation is currently the only radical solution provided by science to treat the problem of baldness. In addition, we can say at this time that the field of hair transplantation has become a science in itself.

With time, hair transplantation is becoming safer and more advanced, and in terms of cost, it is gradually becoming affordable and is no longer confined to high income earners.

Who are fit for hair transplantation?

Thanks to the new techniques that are constantly evolving in this field, hair transplantation has become possible for a large number of people. Some techniques have been developed that gave hope to those who suffer from chronic diseases and who are not suitable for surgery.

For example, a technique called direct hair implantation (DHI) is performed without surgery or bleeding at all.

Also, the famous FUE technique is performed with minimal surgical intervention.

There are of course some cases that are not suitable for hair transplantation, often determine this is the responsibility of the doctor himself, but here are examples of patients not suitable for hair transplantation:

1- If hair loss is due to malnutrition, hair transplantation is not useful because hair implanted will fall back without treating the cause of hair loss.

2- Who has certain skin diseases: In this case, the doctor tries to treat the disease before the hair transplantation to avoid the occurrence of infections or complications affect the outcome of the process.

3- The patient who is still subject to chemical treatments cause hair loss.

The best place to do hair transplantation:

The best place for hair transplantation now is Turkey. It is one of the countries where the field of hair transplantation has made a clear progress. This development has not led to a rise in prices, but Turkey has maintained modern techniques at reasonable prices.

So, hair transplantation in Turkey is the right choice.

Article Summary:

  • Hair transplantation is a cosmetic surgery that has gained widespread fame as a result of providing a safe and fast solution to the problem of baldness.
  • As time progresses, hair transplantation becomes safer and more sophisticated and is now the only radical solution to baldness.
  • Modern hair transplant techniques have made it accessible to everyone, including those with chronic diseases.
  • There are certain cases where it is not recommended to perform hair transplant or certain diseases must be treated before the operation and the decision in this return to the doctor.
  • Turkey is currently the most appropriate country to perform hair transplant, in terms of cost and advanced techniques.





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