Is hair transplant painful?

Is hair transplant painful?

If you are a person who has decided to resort to hair transplantation as a final solution to the problem of baldness, one of the things that may cause you anxiety and fear is the pain associated with hair transplantation surgery. A person begins to think about some questions such as: To what extent can hair transplantation be a painful surgery? Will I suffer from the pain after the hair transplant is over and how long does it last?

First: Hair transplantation with all its techniques depends on the extraction of follicles from the donor area and implantation in the receiving area. That is, there will be a process of extraction and implantation and in both cases, sharp medical instruments will be used to injure the scalp. So, hair transplantation, like other surgical procedures, requires anesthesia, but anesthesia for hair transplantation is a local anesthetic that affects only the scalp area.

BUT: Local anesthesia is injected by needle and in a very sensitive area. The donor area is injected with local anesthetic several times to extract the follicles. The anesthesia is then applied again to the receiving area in preparation for the channel opening stage and follicle implantation. So even if local anesthesia is used to remove the pain of the surgery, the anesthetic needles injected into the scalp will also cause pain.

The solution is at ESTHCARE: At Esthcare Clinic for hair transplantation we use a new anesthesia system without the need for needles and without pain! With this new system the anesthesia stage in the hair transplantation surgery has become easier and more comfortable.

Here are the most important features of our new anesthesia system:

1 – Need no needles.

2- has excellent efficacy and does not cause any pain.

3- Easy to use system.

4- Easy setup.

5- Our new system offers a solution to the problem of surgery phobia and phobia of needles.

6- Inject the local anesthetic directly under the skin without causing any pain.

The new Comfort – in™ system is a needle-free injection system, a revolution in healthcare and individual patient comfort by eliminating the need to use painful needles in many cases, especially during hair transplantation.

At Esthcare, this anesthetic technique is used in the field of hair transplantation, dental treatment and surface cosmetic surgery. Comfort – in™ is currently used to help with simple procedures to deliver small doses at same time.

The Comfort – in™ System for local anesthesia without needles eliminates pain and phobia of needles using a soft injection from a small aperture where the local anesthetic solution flows through it with pressure. Comfort – in™ injects the drug through a small aperture (0.15 mm). Our new system is designed to make the local anesthetic stage of the hair transplantation surgery more comfortable. It contributes to the preservation of tissue and prevents small lumps and scratches on the skin that occur when injections are performed repeatedly in the same spot.

No more bruising! The new anesthesia system at the Esthcare Hair Transplantation Hospital eliminates the risk of bruising. In the case of the use of primitive local anesthesia will result in severe bruising and bleeding may expose the patient to the risk of transmission of infection and diseases.

Our new system is based on dispersing and spreading the drug uniformly in a pattern such as spraying leading to faster absorption and thus the process of hair transplant more comfortable and safer.

Pain after hair transplantation:

This type of pain is not supposed to cause a problem for the patient because it is overcome with the use of painkillers and some other drugs prescribed by the doctor after the end of the surgery.


Hair transplantation is not a very painful surgery as some imagine. In addition, the Esthcare team has made hair transplantation a comfortable and painless process through the use of the Comfort – in™ anesthesia system.


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