Important steps and tips

Important steps and tips before and after hair transplantation When you decide that it is time to do hair transplantation and after choosing the appropriate country and center, there are important tips and instructions that you must follow before and after the surgery to ensure a successful treatment trip and get the best results.

Important tips and guidelines before starting a hair transplant:

1- A week before the start of the operation it is preferable to continue taking vitamin C 200 mg daily.

2- It is important to stop smoking and alcoholic beverages a week before the operation.

3- A few days before the start of surgery you should not expose your scalp to direct sunlight.

4- The gel and similar hair preparations should be avoided a few days before the operation begins.

5- If you have any diseases you should tell the doctor who will perform the surgery several days ago.

6- You should tell your doctor if there are any medical drugs that you have been dealing with.

7- Do not take any aspirin or medical drugs containing it.

8- Stop taking Ibuprofen and Naproxen of all kinds.

9- If you are taking a blood pressure medicine, you should continue it regularly.

10- Keep your hair clean with shampoo or hair cleanser, especially one day before the operation.

11- Drink plenty of fluids including juices, milk and water a day before the operation.

12- Refrain from sports activities at least one day before the start of the operation.

13- It is best not to put any spray on your hair before the operation several days.

Tips and instructions on the operation day:

1- Make sure you have a good breakfast with balanced food.

2- Wash your hair thoroughly with shampoo.

3- Do not wear any clothes that need to be removed from the head and it is best to wear clothes with buttons and zipper for easy to wear without touching the head.

4- You must arrive at the exact place of operation on time. The average operation time is between 4-6 hours.

5- Relax. The process will not cause any health problems you can worry about, as you follow the tips and instructions.

What happens after a hair transplant?

At Esthcare Clinic, our patients receive clear and accurate instructions after the operation as well as continuous follow-up of the patient’s condition to ensure that our patient has the best results.

After the completion of the hair transplant will receive some drugs such as anti-tumor drugs, bruises, pain and antibiotics (anti-infection). The dosage will be explained when to be taken as well as shampoos and moisturizing lotions for use in accordance with the planned program for 10 days after the hair transplantation process, and so are cured according to the appropriate time and method.

Hair transplantation is simple and superficial, but you will have little redness in the receiving area as well as in the donor area. It will disappear in a few days (maximum 10 days) depending on the patient’s skin type and the speed of his body in healing wounds.

There will be no pain after the operation but you should avoid touching the receiving and donor areas and keep away from exercising that requires hard effort and activities that cause excessive sweating for at least 3 days after the operation is over. After a hair-washing session, you can go to work or stroll around Istanbul and enjoy your therapeutic trip.


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