How long does hair transplantation take?

How long does hair transplantation take?

Hair transplantation is a relatively long surgery, although it is a simple surgery with a high success rate of up to 95%. But the reason hair transplantation takes a lot of time is that it requires high medical accuracy because the tiny error may lead to unsatisfactory results for the patient. However, there are other factors that affect the duration of the process and are closely related to the condition of the patient and the technology used and the size of the area he wants to grow.

How long does hair transplantation take?

Hair transplantation is often performed in Turkey on one session with a break (about 15 minutes) for rest and snack. The average operation time is generally about 8 hours.

The first phase only takes between two and a half to three and a half hours, which is the stage of follicular extraction. However, as we have already said, there are factors that control this, including the area of baldness, the type of technique used in hair transplantation, the experience and efficiency of the surgeon’s hand…. Some of these elements are discussed below.

Effect of target area size on duration of hair transplantation surgery:

Perhaps one of the most common factors that differs from the case of the other in terms of duration of the process of hair transplant is the size of the area that the patient wants to implant. Where the doctor needs about 3 hours to implant between 2000 to 2500 follicles and perhaps the same time to extract them.

Other factors such as the scalp type and the shape of the patient’s hair can play its role in increasing or decreasing the surgery time as well. A skilled doctor can handle all these factors and take them into account.

Does the modernity of technique mean less time for hair transplantation?

The answer is supposed to be yes, but the truth of the matter may not be the same at all. In fact, the function of modern technology is not to achieve the surgery more quickly. Researchers and developers are concerned not with rapid hair transplantation but with a more successful and safe surgery. Therefore, we see most of the modern techniques being developed are concentrated in their ability to apply them to a larger number of people with a high success rate and few negative or nonexistent complications.

For example, the FUT technique for hair transplantation took less time than the FUE technique. However, the extraction technique has more advantages as it is performed with minimal surgery and does not leave permanent scars or unpleasant effects and allows the patient to return to normal life faster (less recovery period).

The surgeon’s experience in hair transplantation:

The surgeon’s speed becomes more accurate in the surgery as his experience and number of surgeries increases where this applies to all areas in general. However, there are some situations where further action is needed in accordance with their general health situation, which cannot be tolerated.

Let us say that the time of the surgery does not matter to the doctor if it will affect other things such as accuracy of results, or the safety and security of the patient, a skilled doctor is able to balance the accuracy of the process and the time it needs.


  • Hair transplantation may take longer than the rest of the surgeries because it requires precision by the doctor, however it is a simple operation with a high success rate.
  • The process takes longer when the size of the target area increases.
  • New techniques come in better results but take longer.
  • The surgeon’s experience plays a role in making the surgery faster but this does not mean the surgery is completed quickly without attention to patient safety.




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