How FUE Works

During a session of FUE transplant operation in ESTCARE clinic, a highly experienced doctor extracts the hair follicles from the donor area, typically the donor area located in the back of the head and between the ears, using a specialized extraction device less than 1mm in diameter. Then another doctor open lateral slits incisions then Follicles are  transferred to the recipient area on your scalp and implanted inside the lateral slits using a powerful stereo microscope, follicles usually exist with group of one up to four hairs in each graft

This is a surface minimally invasive, requiring only a small incision in surgical procedure so you will remain fully awake the whole time as only local anesthetic is applied. Recovery time is short and the risk of complications is almost zero.

After the operation we will provide you with clear instructions of the aftercare, as well as medication plan and which topical treatments to give you the best result possible.

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