Hair transplantation with choi pens

Hair transplantation with choi pens

As time passes, science and technology evolve and this development opens doors in many fields and in the medical field in particular where many medical operations have become more accessible and safer. This scientific and technical progress was reflected in cosmetic medicine in general and in the field of hair transplant in particular.

When we talk about hair transplantation, the technology that comes to mind is the unique extraction technique, which has become a famous technology in this field and opened the door for many people to conduct safe operations with high success rates. But medicine did not cease to develop in the extraction technique, although it was performed with minimal surgical intervention, but it remained inappropriate for some people. Therefore, there was a need to develop a newer and safer technology for those who were not suitable for surgery, Here, the technique of direct hair implantation (DHI) has emerged which is performed without any surgery at all. This technique is based on a distinctive tool called Choi pen that we will talk about the most important details in this article.

The principle of DHI technique – how is hair transplanted by Choi pens?

In fact, this technique for hair transplantation is not a separate technique in itself but rather a development of the extraction (FUE) technique. Where a device called choi pen is used to remove hair from the donor area and implant it directly into the receiving area. This technique is the latest in the field of hair transplantation. It can be said to be the best technique for hair transplantation.

Some consider it as an alternative technique to surgery where surgical scalpel is not used at all.

Advantages of hair transplantation using Choi pens:

1- Has given a hope to many patients who want to implant hair and do not fit for surgery.

2- There is no need to completely shave the hair in the implanted area so it is suitable for women.

3- It does not have any conventional surgery complications.

4- The recovery period is short, not more than one week, and there is no need for a complex care system after the operation is completed, where you can return to work directly.

5- The rate of success is very high and has not yet recorded any complications or serious side effects after the operation.

6- When using choi pens for hair transplantation, there will be no scars or annoying effects, as they do not leave traces in the donor area and are gently implanted into the receiving area.

7- There is no time to separate between follicle extraction and implantation, which means that hair follicles will maintain their strength and will not be subjected to any shock.

8- Hair transplantation using choi pens has an excellent result, where the implanted hair is similar to the normal patient’s hair about 100%.

defects of hair transplantation using Choi pens:

In fact, there are no medical defects that can be mentioned for this technique, But doing a hair transplant using choi pen requires a skilled doctor to ensure 100% excellent results because it is a process that needs extreme precision and cannot be done by any ordinary doctor.


  • The technique of direct hair transplantation DHI, which is done by using choi pens, is the result of the great development in the field of cosmetic medicine and has restored hope to many patients who are not suitable for other hair transplantation.
  • The doctor who uses choi hair transplant pens should have a high degree of precision and professionalism so that the patient ensures excellent results.



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