Hair transplantation using FUE (Follicular unit extraction) Technique

Hair transplantation using FUE (Follicular unit extraction) Technique

When the patient decides to resort to hair transplant, he has many options and a range of techniques that can be used. Extraction technology is one of the most popular technologies in the hair transplantation field because it provides a safe and effective solution to the problem of baldness and is characterized by the absence of side effects in the long term or serious complications.

What is the FUE technique?

Is an innovative technology that has brought a shift in the field of hair transplant and restored the hope of many who want to make safe hair transplant with minimal surgical intervention without scarring or permanent effects. Where It does not depend on removing any parts of the scalp or making holes in the donor area.

FUE is based on the extraction of hair roots using precise tools specifically designed for this function. whereas Hair roots are taken from donor areas and implanted in the receiving area. The operation is performed without large wounds, bandages or surgical thread. AS for the effects that remain after the operation are small dots almost invisible to the naked eye and disappear easily under the hair, unlike other techniques that cause permanent wounds and scars.

Who are the Qualified people for FUE Technique?

Hair transplantation using this technique does not require a lot of precautions and complications as it is enough to be:

1- An adult enjoys a good health status.

2- A person who does not use chemical treatments that cause hair loss or suffer from certain skin diseases.

3- A person who does not smoke excessively and preferably be non-smokers.

4- The hair loss should not be due to a Malnutrition or a defect in the diet (you can find out by consulting your doctor).

Stages of hair transplantation using extraction technique:

1- Stage of extraction of follicles: After performing local anesthesia for the donor area, the doctor begins to extract the follicles using a very accurate device taking into account the absence of gaps or light hair spots. The extracted follicles are carefully selected and sorted and then placed in a nutrient solution within a certain temperature to keep them alive and strong. (This stage takes about three hours).

2- The stage of opening channels: It is one of the most important stages in the process of hair transplantation because obtaining a natural appearance and a successful result depends heavily on this stage. It is also under local anesthesia for the receiving area and takes at least two hours. At this stage, the channels in the scalp are opened and prepared to receive follicles.

3- The stage of follicle implantation: This stage is done manually and carefully, where the follicles are inserted within the incubator channels in areas with low hair density or baldness. (This may take up to four hours).

After the operation, the person may suffer from some pain and a feeling of itching in the scalp, which is normal and can be controlled by taking traditional painkillers and antihistamines. The scalp should not be rubbed in the first days after surgery, in order to avoid causing the fall of the implanted follicles.

Note: The above times are approximate and may vary depending on the size of the area to be implanted.

Article Summary:

  • When you decide to resort to hair transplantation and get rid of baldness, the extraction technique is good for your first choice.
  • FUE technique is a distinctive technique based on the extraction of hair follicles from the donor area and implanted in the receiving area using precise tools to ensure minimal wounds.
  • Hair transplantation using extraction technology does not require many conditions and complexities, making it available to the majority.
  • The process goes through 3 stages that require extreme accuracy so you should choose your doctor carefully. Professionalism here plays its role.

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