Hair transplantation steps

Hair transplantation steps

Hair transplantation is one of the most important and famous cosmetic operations, and is considered the ultimate solution to the problem of baldness. Hair transplantation has a high success rate and a few temporary side effects and it does not cause serious complications for a person when it is performed by a competent doctor. These qualities have made many people tend to transplant hair and have given it a great reputation in the cosmetic medicine community in general and in Turkey in particular.

In this article we will explain to you the basic principles of the process of hair transplantation with various techniques:

First: Initial diagnosis:

At first it is by sending pictures over the internet, the required images should be for the area affected by baldness and the donor area (bottom and sides of the head). The doctor will examine and analyze the images accurately to obtain basic information of the patient’s condition, degree of baldness and the readiness and integrity of the donor area. The doctor connects the information obtained from the patient and the factors leading to baldness, thus taking a preliminary look at the patient’s condition and the extent of his ability to do hair transplantation. The doctor therefore determines the number of follicles to be implanted and the estimated costs of the operation.

Second: Donor Area:

It is the foundation stone in the operation of hair transplantation. It has a great resistance to various factors of baldness and is often located at the bottom and sides of the head. Doctors use the donor area to obtain healthy hair and implant it in bald areas of the head. In Esthcare, our medical team carefully examines and analyzes the readiness of the patient’s donor area and the number of follicles that can be taken from it so as not to cause harm to the donor area at the expense of others in order to ensure the patient a successful and satisfactory operation.

Third: Hair Quality:

The quality of hair in the donor area is one of the most important factors in obtaining a successful hair transplantation. Hair quality can be measured according to several factors including: Hair distribution, density and hair follicles size and growth pattern (straight – curly – wavy … etc.). whereas hair transplantation becomes more successful if hair density in the donor area is good.

Fourth: Choosing the most suitable technique for hair transplantation:

After diagnosis of the degree of baldness and the condition of the donor area and ensure that hair transplantation is appropriate for the patient. Finally, the technique in which hair transplantation will be performed is chosen. In general, the FUE extraction technique is effective and suitable for most patients as it is performed with minimal surgical intervention. The principle of extraction technique is to extract the follicles from the donor area gently and implant them in the receiving area after opening the incubator channels. Patients often get satisfactory results when using this technique and it does not leave scars or something like that. For patients who do not like surgery at all, there is an advanced technique called direct hair implantation technique (DHI), which is done using a precise device called choi pen where the medical scalpel is never used.


  • Hair transplantation is the radical solution to the problem of baldness and has many features that make it a successful and desirable operation.
  • Hair transplantation is based on basic principles, and has factors that increase the chance of success, the most important being that the donor area is in good condition.
  • Hair quality also plays a role in the success of the operation but the professional doctor can deal with different types of hair.
  • The leading technology in the field of hair transplant is the extraction technique, which has recorded a high success rate and achieved satisfactory results for many. The FUE technique was developed through the use of choi pens, so hair transplantation becomes possible for those who are not suitable for surgery.

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