Hair transplantation in Turkey for men

Hair transplantation in Turkey for men

Hair is the crown of the head and the title of beauty, where it is one of the basics of beauty for both men and women. Therefore, baldness is undesirable for many and may cause psychological problems and a lack of self-confidence. Statistics and scientific research indicate that men are more susceptible to baldness than women due to certain genetic and hormonal factors. The proportion of hair transplantation for men is therefore higher than that for women.

What is hair transplantation for men?

In the past people used to rely on wigs or natural remedies to deal with the problem of hair loss and baldness. But most of these traditional methods were impractical and had no results. Wigs also cause many embarrassing situations. Then treatments and chemical drugs appeared that were not much better as most of them in fact their only role is to maintain the status of hair as is to prevent the loss of more. In addition, these treatments need to be maintained for very long periods of time and the patient does not get satisfactory results though.

Since the 1980s, scientists have begun to go to other ways to restore hair, especially the surgical route, Where the doctors settled on a basic principle depends on the extraction of appropriate hair follicles from the healthy areas of the patient’s head and implanting them into the areas suffering from baldness according to specific criteria, where it will grow again and cover areas of baldness. This idea was the spark that made hair transplantation as widespread as it is today and it was considered the ideal treatment and best to save time and money for many people. With the passage of time, the medical techniques used have undergone qualitative developments in terms of surgical methods, equipment and recovery period required after completion of the surgery, as well as final cosmetic results obtained by the person.

The most important hair transplantation techniques for men:

Initially, the technique of the FUT (Follicular Unit transplantation) has spread, which depended on extracting a whole piece of the donor region and then dividing and implanting it in the receiving area. The FUT technique was not good for everyone because it caused scarring and permanent effects on the head. Later, the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique emerged, which made hair transplantation easier and more convenient than ever before. Extraction technique does not cause permanent scars or effects and it is suitable for a larger number of people as it is performed with minimal surgical intervention. The extraction technique was developed using choi pens, which made the hair transplantation process without any surgical intervention. However, the use of Choi pens did not eliminate conventional extraction technology, it is still effective and used and has good results.

Proper conditions for hair transplantation for men:

Men can undergo hair transplantation easily and without fear of any side effects or serious complications, but with two conditions:

1- To be patient at the appropriate age so that the form of baldness has stabilized, doctors usually advise not to perform hair transplant before the age of 20 years.

2- Telling doctor if there are any chronic diseases or health problems leading to hair loss, or if the patient is or still is taking drugs that cause hair loss such as chemotherapy.


  • Hair transplantation for men is the best solution to get rid of baldness forever and get a nice look again.
  • Hair transplantation is a highly successful process and thanks to modern technology, it is possible for almost everyone.

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