Hair transplantation in the beard and eyebrows area

Hair transplantation in the beard and eyebrows area

Some believe that hair transplantation is possible and successful only for head hair, but in fact it can be performed in other parts of the human body and get satisfactory results …!

transplant of chin and mustache hair:

For most men, beard and mustache are the essentials of beauty and style that give men the elegance and sense of self-confidence. But not always can everyone get a perfect beard as he wishes where scientists believe that the density, distribution and shape of hair in the mustache and beard are affected by genetic and hormonal factors. After puberty, the hair of the beard begins to have a thick appearance in a period of three years and takes its final shape within five years.

Therefore, some may suffer from blanks that may distort the appearance of the beard, may be due to natural causes and may be the result of wounds or burns left scars but nothing wrong, our techniques can solve these problems.

Who are qualified to transplant beard and mustache hair by using the technique of extraction?

This type of surgery can be done to people who are 23 or older after stabilizing their hormone levels. The use of hair transplantation after a medical diagnosis and the discovery of the cause of the gaps in the beard or lack of hair where the doctor decides if there is a need for this process immediately or whether it is better to resort to additional measures first. But in general, we can say that all people who have thick hair in the donor area and have empty spaces or areas in the chin or beard can perform hair transplantation.

How does hair transplantation take place by using extraction technique for mustaches and beard?

As in hair transplantation, the follicles are removed from the donor area in the head or from the bottom of the chin as a first stage of the operation after application of local anesthesia. In the receiving area, some small crusts are formed on the day of the operation and return to normal shape without any traces or wounds after 10 days of operation. There is no pain after the operation but it is expected to feel itching after the chin transplant in the next three weeks. Results appear within 10 weeks from the date of operation. For chin and mustache operations, the difference between implanted hair and natural hair cannot be distinguished by the naked eye.

Damages of beard hair transplantation:

As with any surgery, there is some damage to the beard hair transplantation surgery where the patient may be at risk of bacterial infection, but it is not dangerous when followed by a specialist doctor.

The patient suffers from some temporary swelling, which naturally disappears after a short time. In general, hair transplantation is not a serious process as long as proper medical procedures have been followed by a specialist doctor.

Using extraction technique to implant eyebrow hair:

It is possible to lose the hair of the eyebrows because of several factors, including the removal of eyebrows, alopecia, wounds and scars resulting from accidents in the area of the face and also lose the density of eyebrows when getting older.

At Esthcare Clinic for FUE hair transplantation, we perform eyebrow implants using advanced techniques. This allows us to re-draw and arrange the shape of the eyebrows. The results appear after 4 months of operation and are normal looking.

The bottom line:

  • beard and mustache Hair transplantation is as successful as head hair transplantation.
  • There are several reasons for the presence of blanks in the beard and irregularity, including what is genetical, hormonal or possibly sick.
  • The beard hair transplantation process may have the usual medical damage that can be avoided by a specialist and is not considered serious.
  • At Esthcare, we are doing professional eyebrow hair transplantation with modern techniques, since there will be no difference between the shape of the hair implanted and the natural after the operation.

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