Hair transplantation for women

Hair transplantation for women

Some may have thought that baldness is a male-specific disease that rarely affects women but in fact, statistics show that women are also exposed to hair loss and baldness in not a few percentages. For most women, the beautiful appearance is essential and indispensable and of course there is no woman can imagine the appearance of hair with baldness, so hair loss and baldness in women has many negative effects and can destroy women’s psychology and weaken their self-confidence.

We mentioned earlier that hair transplantation is a radical and guaranteed solution to the problem of baldness, but does this apply to women too? Can hair transplantation be done for women? If hair transplantation is possible, what is the best hair transplant technique a woman can choose?

  • In fact, hair transplantation for women is possible and characterized by a high success rate. However, women should choose the place where the hair transplantation process will be carried out carefully so as to ensure satisfactory results. The reason is that the doctor’s experience and the modernity of technology play a major role in achieving the desired result, here we recommend choosing Turkey as a destination for hair transplantation because hair transplantation for women in Turkey has reached a high level.


  • When a woman decides to do a hair transplant, she is definitely afraid of scars or effects that may cause her discomfort and may deter her from doing the surgery. But in fact, with the development of science, techniques such as the FUE technique emerged, ensuring that the patient has a safe hair transplant without any traces of scarring or the like. We cannot talk about hair transplantation techniques suitable for women without mentioning DHI‘s distinctive technique, which is done using choi pens as it is a hair transplantation technique that does not require surgery and is performed with high precision. It is especially suitable for women because it does not require shaving the area to be implanted.

How to transplant hair for women using extraction technique:

The patient is first examined to determine the proportion of baldness and then the condition of the donor area is estimated after that, the patient will agree on the areas where the hair transplant will be performed.

Hair transplantation begins with the extraction of follicles from the donor area using a precise device and taking into account that the extraction is not unfair so as not to affect the donor area negatively. After the extraction, the doctor opens channels in the areas to be implanted and prepares it to receive the extracted hair follicles. The extracted follicles are then implanted in the receiving area. The entire hair transplant is performed under local anesthesia. The woman is given some medications and analgesics after the operation, as well as several tips and instructions to ensure successful hair transplantation.

After hair transplantation during recovery period, women are advised not to use any cosmetic products for hair or materials applied to the head without consulting a doctor.

After hair transplantation at a certain period determined by the doctor (usually 3 weeks), the woman can deal with her new hair completely as natural hair.

Article Summary:

  • Hair transplantation for women is a radical solution to overcome the problem of baldness and is characterized by a high success rate, so hair loss should not be a problem causing anxiety for any woman anymore because Hair transplant are available at affordable prices.
  • There are hair transplant techniques that ensure that women do not have scars or annoying effects after surgery, even so there is a technique that does not require surgery at all (direct hair implantation DHI).
  • The best country that offers modern techniques and expert doctors at reasonable prices is Turkey. Therefore, hair transplantation for women in Turkey is the option we recommend.

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