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If you would like to know the appropriate treatments for your hair loss and a solution to the problem of baldness or a reduction of the front line Doctors Astecare will give you a free preview, either directly attend our clinic or send 5 clear pictures of the condition of baldness and baldness present, we have a medical team including consultants and follow-up team Certified medical doctor and trainer to deal with cases even if you are not in Turkey.
If you want to communicate with the medical staff and doctors, we will send you a detailed medical report explaining your condition, treatments and medical suggestions to keep your hair and restore the appearance of the youth again. You will be provided with all the steps and details of our treatments and details of your trip during the inspection. For any information about before, during and after your trip to Istanbul. Call the number shown on the website for more details and information or provide us with your personal information to be contacted by the medical team. You will be requested clear images with moderate lighting areas affected by baldness, And the region as well as a top donor for the entire head of the images in order to obtain the best possible assessment of your condition.


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