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Face Lift Surgery

Within the course of aging, facial structures and volume tend to shift downwards.

This is due to the deformities in facial skeleton and soft tissues, loss of soft tissue support, and cumulative effect of gravity. This shift mostly affects the tissue layer beneath the facial skin, which contains fatty tissue, some ligaments and mimic muscles. The changes in this layer lead to deepening of some previously existing lines, and distortion of facial contours, jawlines and neck contours. With the addition of fine wrinkles and superficial skin irregularities, the “old” looking face effect becomes inevitable.

Face-lift will eliminate wrinkles and restore facial youth.

1-non-surgical face lift

Face lift without surgery is a process that has more than one technique that varies from laser, thread (spider web) or injections and is often accompanied by neck tightening. The goal of this process is to remove the wrinkles from the face and hide their effects of wrinkles and scarring and show the skin naturally tight, the appropriate technology for each case diagnosed by the doctor based on several case studies and usually the results of this process is better if the limpness at the beginning and did not appear long periods

2-Laser face lift

Laser face-lift technology relies on the use of a device to release the laser beam, which will tighten the face and stimulate the skin cells to the secretion of collagen that natural exist in the body, which gives a natural appearance and younger look.

3-Face lift with strings (Contour Threadlift)

The technique is suitable for simple and medium-to-moderate flabbiness and is not suitable for extreme flabbiness and elder individuals. The technique is based on tightening the loose skin and stabilizing it with medical threads that last for several years. The procedure is then repeated if the patient’s condition is appropriate

4-Botox injections to tighten the face

The speed and results of the results appear to be the lowest among the facelift techniques, but the results do not last for more than a year at best. Therefore, the injection must be repeated every period prescribed by the doctor. Botox injection technique is based on the use of precise medical needles for injection of Botox in face-to-face locations that have already been determined by the specialist on the basis of facial planning.

5-Surgical facelifts

Details of face lift

A few simple incisions are made in the facial area

The surgeon tightens the flaccid muscles and tissues

The surgeon uses more than one technique in face-lift surgery to remove excess fat or strengthen face tissue and so on

What is done in surgical face lift, face lift, eyelid, neck, forehead and chin, In the end, the incisions that have been made are sewn.

The procedure is often done under general anesthesia as seen by the doctor.

In Istanbul. Days of stay

You need one night or two nights in the hospital according to the doctor recommendation regarding the after operation care and ten days in Istanbul for review and reassurance on the condition of the patient before returning to his country fully recovered

 Side effects of face lift

The appearance of bruises on the skin in the areas of the incisions will disappear within weeks.

The process leaves semi scars on the skin that go away with time.

Sometimes pain is felt and painkillers must be taken.

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