Plastic Surgery – Face Filling and Facial Aging Treatments

Face Filling and Facial Aging treatments

With aging, the face begins to lose fat, these fats gives the face softness and beauty. Later on wrinkles begin to appear, and the face turns away from young and beauty. So everyone dreams of delaying their appearance as long as possible and maintaining the permanent young look of the face.

1-Face Filling and Face Injections.

These processes aimed to restore the freshness and radiance of the face, eliminating wrinkles and maintaining the youthful appearance. Facial treatment operations range from local injections to certain areas of the face to face fillings transplant surgery to obtain permanent results

A – Face lift using injection of Filler and Botox and self-fat.

These include injections of self-extracting fat from another part of the body or injecting substances such as hyaluronic acid, collagen, or some polymers. Filling the face is a non-surgical procedure performed locally and without the need for general anesthesia

B – Facial Fat injection

It involves surgery performed with total or local anesthesia, in which the face is filled by implanting silicone supports in some areas of the face that need to be strengthened and filled. These operations are characterized by their results as a face-lift treatment

Facial fat injection process:

A very thin needle is used to remove the fat from the person’s body using a sophisticated laser disassembler that breaks down fats and sucks them. The most common places where fat is extracted are the abdomen and hips.

Injecting body fat from the body after treatment.

Application. The procedure is often performed under local anesthesia.

The doctor will discuss the final results before the procedure.

Days of stay In Istanbul:

You need one night stay in the hospital and three days in Istanbul for review and reassurance on your condition before returning to your country completely relieved

 Side effects of facial fat injection

Feel light pain after the drug has finished

Some swelling may occur within a week at the latest

Feeling numbness in the face and automatically disappears.

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