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Tips and guidelines There is no doubt that science is constantly evolving and the medical cosmetic surgeries are the product of this development at both technological and medical levels. When we talk about cosmetic surgeries, we must mention the hair transplant that has flourished remarkably in this field.

But is hair transplantation the best solution to treat baldness and get rid of long treatments that may be temporary and do not stop hair loss?

Medically Yes, if you are looking for a permanent treatment for baldness, hair transplantation is the right way.

So, what about the cost of doing a hair transplant?

In fact, if we compare the costs of medicines used by the patient for long periods without satisfactory results or without any benefit and the cost of hair transplantation, which achieve a guaranteed result in a short period, we find that it is much less and better for the health of the patient of some chemical drugs that cause side effects in the medium and long term.

Is hair transplant safe?

It depends on the technique used by the doctor. For example, FUE technique is the best and safest. But in general, we can not say that hair transplantation is dangerous as long as it is carried out by an experienced medical staff capable of understanding and dealing with some potential complications.

Which country is most suitable for hair transplantation?

When looking for a suitable price away from the expensive prices of some European countries, reliable technologies and experienced doctors in this field, Turkey is the most appropriate option Because it is considered one of the leading and advanced countries in the field of hair transplant, which has become famous in this type of surgery.

Hair transplant centers in Turkey:

Patients are always looking for a center that provides good services at suitable prices. We at Esthcare Hospital work according to the standards of the International Hair Transplantation Commission and have a professional medical team that performs the operations professionally and with experience. We provide our patients with services that ensure their comfort Such as booking travel tickets, providing internal transport, guaranteeing luxury hotel accommodation, and translation service so that the patient can make a safe and affordable treatment trip.

Our slogan is honesty and transparency away from some scammers who are trying to exploit Turkey’s fame in the field of hair transplantation and baldness treatment in an effort to deceive patients to illegally reap money where you can find our medical staff through our website or contact us in the event of any inquiry or consultation.

Hair transplant centers in Turkey

How to ensure a successful hair transplant:

In fact, people’s bodies are different and the nature of their response to treatment varies, so we, as a respected medical center, should not guarantee you the success rate of any operation as 100%, but we can guarantee you 0% medical errors. As the human body is subject to many biological and external factors that make the response rates vary. In general, compliance with doctor’s instructions protects the patient from most side effects or serious complications, this is not limited to the process of hair transplant, but any medical process has a success rate and failure rate characterized by hair transplant that the rates of failure are very few, so we can say it is often successful.

In summary:

– Hair transplantation is the ideal solution for partial or complete baldness.

– It is not a costly Surgery compared to the cost of medicines that may be used for years and years.

-The Surgery can be performed using many techniques and if the appropriate technique is chosen for the patient, it is a safe Surgery.

– Turkey is the most appropriate option in this field in terms of experience, development and cost.

– At Esthcare, we take care of our patients to the fullest and offer many services that provide a comfortable medical trip.

– In our center, we ensure that there are no medical errors and the operation is performed by the doctor himself, not just under his supervision.


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