Dental implants


Dental implants overview

Teeth are the semi-bone steel structure that are distributed in the mouth within different types and forms. The main function of the teeth is chewing and cutting the food, but the teeth have a great aesthetic role that cannot be denied. They give our smile an attractive beauty. You cannot imagine the shape of the mouth without those beautiful white solid pieces….!

The human being is exposed to many diseases and factors, and when human getting older his teeth begin to be exposed to decay, or fracture, or loss completely. Dental loss is one of the most serious problems we face, where teeth loss lead to a lack of the mouth function and inability to perform its tasks of cutting food for small pieces and grinding it to be swallowed and sent easily to the esophagus then to stomach. This defect leads to countless digestive problems starting from deficiencies in the process of digestion and defecation, the occurrence of obesity, bad breath odors, stomach, intestinal and gallbladder diseases. In addition to the loss of the usual aesthetic form, which causes psychological problems, many cannot bear a smile with a lost tooth.

Dental implants are a shortcut to solving these problems:

The dental field has become more stable and more sophisticated. Instead of using traditional methods of tooth replacement, which include Fixed prosthodontics and Removable partial dentures, which are different from one case to another, a new process called dental implants, which is the most recent alternative and the most successful method of compensating missing teeth, has emerged because it does not affect the rest of the teeth and surrounding tissues.

The principle of dental implants is to use artificial roots of pure titanium metal, where the person after the implant operation can eat, speak easily. In addition, the implanted teeth are very similar to natural teeth in terms of shape and properties.

Benefits and advantages of dental implants:

1- Restore a person’s self-confidence and enjoy a normal life again away from suffering with Removable partial dentures.

2- Dental implants ensure constant teeth, such as natural teeth.

3- Prevent bone atrophy in the place of the lost tooth and maintain its strength.

4- Maintain the integrity of the remaining natural teeth (there is no need to sculpt healthy teeth surrounding the deposed tooth).

5- Implanted teeth can last a lifetime, provided the patient is careful to clean and maintain his teeth.

Cases where dental implants are not recommended:

1- excessive smoking (more than ten cigarettes a day).

2- High fluctuation of blood glucose level.

3- Blood disorders like chronic heart disease.

4- Osteoporosis.

5- Radiation therapy.

6- Not recommended for children.

  • Noting that the final decision of the possibility of conducting dental implants or not belong to the doctor.

Side effects and complications associated with dental implants:

Dental implants are highly safe because they are not usually associated with any side effects or serious complications. There is a possibility of slight swelling or some pain after the operation can be treated with some medications prescribed by the doctor.

In short, we can say that:

  • Dental is of great importance and has an important aesthetic role and we may be exposed to some accidents cause teeth loss and should not be neglected.
  • Dental implants are the result of the development of dentistry which is a safe and guaranteed way to restore lost teeth.
  • Dental implants have provided an innovative solution to the problems experienced by patients from traditional compensation methods.
  • The principle of dental implants is the use of synthetic roots of titanium, which has proved to be highly effective in this field.
  • Dental implants are a very useful process that has many positive aspects, some psychological and some physical.
  • Is not considered a serious process at all, and is safe for most people except for some special cases in which the doctor gives his judgment.


Dental implants in Turkey


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