Comparison of hair transplantation with other baldness treatment solutions

Comparison of hair transplantation with other baldness treatment solutions

Hair loss and baldness is an old problem that people suffer at all times. For example, drawings of some ancient civilizations illustrate their suffering from this problem and the solutions they used. Because baldness and hair loss are a problem that man has lived with since ancient times, we find throughout history many of the means that were used. Some of them used to go to wigs and some of them invented certain cosmetics and placed them on the scalp. With the diversity of solutions invented by man but most of them was not a radical solution. Wigs, for example, masked the problem and does not solve it, and the many preparations and medicines did not bring any noticeable benefit or at best to slow down the baldness and not prevent it.

So baldness and hair loss were stubborn diseases that man could not solve for a long period of time. But with the development of technology and medicine and the emergence of cosmetic medicine strongly in recent years, the problem of baldness and hair loss has been solved! The way scientists came to eliminate baldness this time was not the invention of a chemical drug or the like, but was the process of hair transplantation.

What is hair transplantation?

Hair transplantation is mainly based on the principle of the donor area, in all hair transplantations, however, the basic principle is that the doctor extracts the follicles from the donor area (often at the back and sides of the head) and implants extracted hair follicles in the receiving area with baldness. Which makes hair transplantation distinctive is that the donor area (Which the follicles are extracted from it) is strong and resistant to baldness, this means that the person undergoing hair transplantation will get full hair resistant to baldness. There are certain countries famous for hair transplantation. As example Hair transplantation in Turkey has a world-class reputation.

Comparison of hair transplantation with wigs:

Some may tend to wigs because it does not require any surgical intervention and they think it is safer and better than doing a hair transplant. In fact, contrary to what some believe, the wigs are not safe, some experts explain that wigs when installed for long periods often may cause skin diseases of the scalp, especially when used at high temperatures. On the other hand, wigs are not a permanent solution. When you use wigs, you hide baldness do not treat it. In addition to the wigs need to prepare and install before facing people so as not to be subjected to embarrassing positions such as falling wig or changing the position. This caution and fear of embarrassment causes psychological stress and weakens the self-confidence. but Hair transplantation has become, with scientific and technical progress, a safe and secured solution to treat baldness, a one-time process often, then forgetting baldness forever and restoring the appearance of your natural hair.

Comparison of hair transplantation with drugs and preparations:

Recently, many drugs and preparations spread Which manufacturers claim to treat baldness. In fact, the number of drugs commonly recognized in the medical community as potentially useful in the treatment of baldness and hair loss are few, their effect is limited and their results are not guaranteed. As the patient may continue to use them for long periods and spend large amounts and then does not get a satisfactory result or may never get a result. While hair transplantation is a radical and guaranteed solution that does not take too much for the patient to perform, it is a one-time process unlike other treatments that the patient continues to spend on for a long time.

In short,

we can say that the only radical solution currently available for baldness and hair loss is hair transplantation, which is not a complex process and is implemented in countries such as Turkey in a very smooth and professional way.



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